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Dominic Deegan

Oracle for Hire

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Dominic Deegan is the middle child in a family of magic users. His younger brother, Gregory, is a white mage of remarkable skill and power; his older brother, Jacob, has mastered the dark art of necromancy. Dominic, on the other hand, opted to cultivate his talent for second sight. He is now one of the most powerful living seers in the world.

Naturally, his skills are in high demand, and he’s constantly called upon to either help save the world or tell clueless townsfolk if they’re going to go bald. Dominic has developed an extremely cynical, antisocial facade in order to keep people from bothering him with inane queries. When the chips are down, though, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his world and the people he loves... and he’ll kvetch about it the whole time.

Dominic is about 30 years old, with shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and pince-nez glasses. His left leg from the knee down is a very obvious prosthesis, and he usually walks with a cane. His typical attire includes grey trousers, a baggy green sweater, a striped purple scarf, and occasionally a straw hat and black fingerless gloves. (No one ever said that oracles have good fashion sense.)
Edit: As of 3-17-08, the prosthesis is gone, and Dominic can only walk with the aid of a crutch.

Dominic enters Milliways between the "Class Action" and "Snowsong" story arcs. Whenever possible, he will be played as having just been through the most recently completed storyline of the comic.

Divinations will be whitetext in brackets, like this: {Made you look!}

Dominic Deegan is from the webcomic Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, and is the property of Michael "Mookie" Terracciano. He appears here solely for the purpose of roleplaying at milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Unless otherwise noted, all icons and images for this journal are derived from Mookie's artwork. Again, no copyright infringement is intended.