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Dominic Deegan

Oracle for Hire

January 2nd, 2010

OOC: Hire the Oracle!

Want Dominic to have a vision regarding your pup? Interested in having your past, present, or future scryed? Have a pressing need to get a Deegan inside your head? Let me know here!

All comments are screened by default, for your super sekrit plotting convenience.

January 1st, 2010

Dominic Deegan's abilities as an oracle are much more complex than simply "knowing the future." Below is an in-depth description of his abilities, based on what we've seen in the comic. I'll update with more information as it comes up in canon.

Please note that NONE of these powers will be used with regards to your pup without your permission. Period.

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March 4th, 2009

1.) Go here to generate 10 random numbers between 1 and 100.
2.) Then I will answer the corresponding questions from here.

May 13th, 2008

(no subject)

shadowy figure
"Barnet Travoria. Wake up. Right now."

Barnet's eyes flicker open. "Ugh... what the...? Where am I?" She's in a windowless six-by-six prison cell. There's nothing here except for the cot, a chamber pot, and the seer standing in the opposite corner.

Dominic Deegan gazes levelly at her. "This is your interrogation, Barnet... and I am your inquisitor. Listen to me very closely. You're going to answer my questions honestly and clearly because I am trying to save your life. Understood?"

Barnet scowls. "Ha. What makes you think I'll just be so cooperative? What makes you think I won't just snap your--"


For a heartbeat, everything's gone. The walls fall away, the very air shatters--there's nothing but an empty white void into which you could fall forever.

And then, in the next heartbeat, everything's back. Same walls, same floor, same Dominic Deegan.

Barnet opens and closes her mouth several times before she manages to get any words out. "What--? How did you do that? Who... what are you?"

"I am your inquisitor and I am in charge," he replies, speaking in the same even tone as before. "Any questions?"

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May 12th, 2008

(no subject)

pain, nosebleed
She'd planned for everything. She wore a mask to keep that Resistant town sheriff from IDing her. She brought revealer goggles to avoid the wards around the house (cost a small fortune, but a necessary expense in this line of work). She had a bag of sand to throw in the white mage's face to keep him from casting a spell, and her martial arts training made short work of everyone else between her and the home of her quarry. She was prepared for anything.

Finding the seer sprawled on the floor of the living room with no one else in sight? That, she wasn't expecting.

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May 5th, 2008

(no subject)

[from here]

Luna's sitting alone by her fiancée's bed when he suddenly gasps and jerks forward.

"Dominic!" Luna starts in surprise. "You're awake! You're--! What's wrong? What is it?"

The seer is doubled over, clutching his stomach. "Rrrjc jrr!" he grunts without opening his mouth. "Rrrjc jrr!"

"Magic... magic bar? You're out of a coma and you want to go to Milliways?"

Dominic shakes his head. "Mrrjck jrr!"

"Oh, a magic jar!" Luna quickly conjures a transparent jug out of thin air in Dominic's lap. "Why didn't you just say so?"

In lieu of an answer, Dominic grabs the jar and empties the contents of his stomach into it in one go.

"Okay," he says once the flow has subsided. "Now I could go for some booze." He sags against the pile of pillows, alternately gasping and swallowing to get the taste out of his mouth.

"I'm glad you're awake, but why did you need to puke into a magic jar? Why not just a, you know, regular one?"

"Because only a magic jar can contain what's in all this vomit," says Dominic. And sure enough, there's something writhing inside the jar, beating its hands and tentacles against the walls trying to get out. (It seems so tiny, now--scarcely bigger than his hand.)

"Oh, yuck." Luna grimaces. "Is that... the virus spell?"

"Yes, and it's going to tell us everything we need to know about this oracle hunter."

"Don't you think we should wait for Gregory to make sure you're all right?"

"No time. This virus won't last much longer. Cast a Trace spell on it. The trail will lead us right to the oracle hunter."

Luna nods and sets to work tracing the lines of the spell. The creature in the jar starts to glow... a glow which abruptly brightens to an almost blinding intensity.

"What the--?" Dominic's eyes go wide. "Oh crap! It's got a ward against trace spells!"

PFOOOM. The jar explodes, covering the room and its two occupants with vomit and spell guts. "GLAAAUGH!!" Dominic coughs and sputters.

The door bursts open to reveal a very distressed Szark. "Dominc! Luna! Are you all OH MY GOD!" His already-pale face goes virtually colorless as he takes in the mess. "...I'll, um, just leave you two alone to, um, yeah... Igottago." And he's out the door as quickly as he came.

Gregory steps back. "Despite some fatigue and making a complete mess of yourself, you seem fine to me, bro. But we've lost our only lead to this oracle hunter, who may or may not be a relative."

"Not exactly." Dominic looks grim. "Trace wards warn the caster when a spell has been tampered with or destroyed."

"So you're saying that she knows the virus spell didn't work on you?" says Luna.

"Precisely... which means she may be coming back to try again."

May 3rd, 2008

(no subject)

"Well, the good news is that he's going to be fine," says Gregory to the anxious crowd assembled outside of Dominic's bedroom. "The wound was deep but I managed to heal it in time. The bad news is that he's in some sort of trance and I can't snap him out of it."

"Then it's a good thing you brought me here to help." Miranda Deegan, Archmage of the Fifth Circle and headmistress of the Quiral Academy for the Arcane Arts, grins smugly. "The deus ex momina has arrived."

Everyone just stares at her.

She frowns. "Deus ex momchina? Deus... no, wait, deus ex motherna... um, no... mommy ex machina..."

More staring.

"Oh, forget it," she sighs. "I'm his mother and I'm going to fix everything." She elbows her way past Gregory and into the bedroom.

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Dominic and Luna came home from the hospital to find Szark Sturtz already there, being interrogated by 'Detective' Quilt. Not that this is any great surprise--Dominic knew that Szark was a witness to one of the 'oracle hunter's attacks, and Quilt has been grilling anyone who comes within a hundred yards of the house. Dominic's just glad he was able to get Quilt out of his hair for five minutes so he could talk to Szark.

"...and my sword came in contact with her hand when I disarmed her," continues Szark. "The Prontus police had no luck, but I thought you'd be able to find something."

Dominic nods. "This is good. I can check whatever I find with your sword alongside what I found on Zelda Zanzibar. If I'm right, the clues ought to match."

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May 1st, 2008

"Zelda Zanzibar? Her condition is stable. You can see her if you like." The healer leads Dominic and Luna down the corridor to the appropriate room.

"Thank you," replies Dominic. "Is there anything we should be careful about?"

The healer smiles. "Besides her flair for the dramatic? No, she's fine."

"Flair for the--?" Luna trails off as she views the tableau inside the room. "Oh good lord."

The woman on the bed looks up. "Dominic... my old friend... is that you?" She reaches toward Dominic with a trembling hand, her breaths faint and ragged. "Please... I don't have... much time... beware... the huntress... do not a-avenge me, old friend... s-save your... self... save youuuuhhh..." Her eyes flutter closed and she sags against her pillow.

Dominic is unimpressed. "I can see you breathing, Zelda."

"Then quit staring at my chest." Zelda sits back up with a smile. "Thanks for coming to visit me, DeeDee."

"I just wish the circumstances were better, ZeeZee," replies Dominic. "You look great, all things considered. What happened?"

"A woman knocked on my door and stabbed me in broad daylight. I was looking right at her... but dammit, I can't remember what she looks like."

"You haven't tried scrying her?"

"I can't," says Zelda. "Not her or anyone else. My second sight is gone. It's like she cut it out of me... and with it, a piece of my heart."

Dominic quirks an eyebrow. "Alright, ZeeZee, let's give it a rest so we can--"

"Oh!" Zelda gasps, clutching at her chest theatrically. "The huntress hath cut my heart indeed! The wound, it bleeds! Alas, alas, I expire... slain... dead of a b-broken... heart..."

Dominic rolls his eyes. "Zelda, you were stabbed in the stomach."

"She used a very long knife. Now shut up and respect the dead."

"Is she going to do that every five minutes?" says Luna, looking even more annoyed than Dominic. "If Szark was straight he'd get a real kick out of her."

"Aww, Luna, be nice," says Dominic with a smile. "Zelda's always dealt with stress by overacting."

"Over-acting?" Zelda retorts indignantly. "I was voted 'Best Death Scene' in our acting class!"

"I'm sure that's..." Luna blinks. "Wait. Did you say 'our acting class'?"

"Oh, you didn't know? Dominic was quite the actor in school."

"Look, this isn't really important. We should be trying to figure out--"

"He was good, too!" Zelda continues. "He loved the classics and the melodramas. You should've seen him when we did The Semashi Soldier. He played 'Zachary the Wicked' like a natural." She reaches out to playfully ruffle Dominic's hair. "The sons of Donovan Deegan all have some bard in them. Little Gregory is a musician, moody Jacob is a writer, and smug Dominic can act and--"

"Enough!" In a sudden flash of movement, Dominic grabs one of the bed pillows and slams it down against Zelda's face. "You shall not reveal my secrets, foul witch!"

Luna blanches. "Dominic! My God! What are you doing?!"

"The death scene from The Semashi Soldier. It's ZeeZee's favorite."

Zelda pauses in her feigned struggles for air to give Luna a thumbs-up. "Told you he was good."

"That woman is a loon," grumbles Luna as she and Dominic leave the hospital. "She put us through twenty of her death scenes, and you helped!"

"It actually worked out well," replies Dominic. "I was able to get a read on what happened to her second sight while I had my hands around her neck. I just need to go over my notes back home."

"I wish you would've let me put my hands around her neck."

Dominic smirks. "I'll brew some tea once we get back to Barthis. We can relax and we won't have to think about death anymore..."

April 25th, 2008

(no subject)

why I hate my customers
It's not a large shop, nor a particularly lavish one--seers are not known for their great financial success. Still, it's been lovingly decorated, with beaded purple curtains in the front window and gold paint on the wood frames of the window and door. A stand-up placard next to the door reads:


Oracle for Hire

Fortunes Told!
Mysteries Solved!
All For A Low,
Low Price!

"Ah, hello!" A tall, voluptuous woman dressed in elaborate furs and silks steps forward with a smile, gesturing with a well-manicured hand at a row of crystal balls set against the back wall of the shop. "You've come to see the great Madam Zanzibar! You wish to see your future in my balls, yes?"

The smile fades rapidly from her face as she sees her 'customer.'

"...oh my God."

And then the sword comes down...
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